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Project Photos
Our digital video recording systems have been essential tools to hundreds of fast food restaurants including: Subway Sandwiches, Dominos Pizza, Del Taco, Papa Johns, and moreGet more out of your video surveillance system by some cutom alterations.  Here our technician is mounting a secondary monitor at a Subway kitchen to allow employees to prep food while observing front counter customers.Service stations and carwashes have been great fits for our systems.  From covering exteriors against vandalsim, pump fraud and drive offs to capturing every transaction on the POS system.  Here our crew is outfitting a remodeled Unocal with a complete surveillance system.At first glance, give the public the appearance of quality and professional security presence on premises.  Our attention to detailed installations stands leaps apart from inferior plug-n-play systems.An essential tool in any car wash, surveillance systems help reduce costly damage claims while increasing quality service and display the operators' comittment to accountability.Stratigicly positioned camera angels such as the auto attendant displayed here from our camera's view have resulted in arrests and restitution of costly equipment damages during theft attempts.Our vandal resistant and high resolution cameras allow for up close and personal detailed images of key areas.  Here our technician is adjusting a close range camera at a self-serve car wash change machine.Commercial installations are well within our staff's experienced abilities of performance.  Here our technician is putting the fianl touches on a Pan Tilt Zoom camera at the entrance of a high rise building.Whether your adding a security or low voltage system as an afterthought to an existing building, or need a complete data communications wiring, trust in our experience for a job well done.  Here our technician adds voice and data to a sales floor of an expanding office buliding.Custome solutions with great attention to detail is key in integrating systems to existing structures.  Here our technician is converting a standard office door latches to electrified locks as part of a complete keyless access system.We take extra pride in our industrial projects including power and water plants displaying our advanced level of competence and attention to safety.  Here our crew is installing a city wide surveillance system to monitor water wells.Whether through accessible attic space or underground manholes, we will get wires from point A to B using industry accepted and commonly practiced methods.  Here our technician is feeding wires utilizing underground pipes and manholes.Our experience in custom wiring and system designs allow for great home installation projects including: home theatre, distributed sound, structured wiring, security systems and more.Recessed wall speakers are a great way to add sound to any room without taking away it's aesthetics.  Here our technician mounts a recessed speaker in den walls.
  • Monitor Multiple Locations Simultaneously 
  • View Preset Images By Groups
  • High Resolution Video
  • Two-Way Audio
  • 4,8,16, & 32Channel DVR Systems
  • Support Static or Dynamic IP Adress
  • Full Remote PTZ and Relay Controls
  • Watch Cameras from Smart Phones
  • Web Browser Login for Added Convenience
  • Advanced CMS Software for Home Office
  • Reliable Embedded Appliance DVR's
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